Two Month Check-Up

Well, as of tomorrow we will have been in Pakistan for two months, so I decided it’s time for an update. When you think about it, if you are only going to be somewhere for a year, two months is a significant(ish) chunk of time.

Probably the most exciting thing that’s happened recently is that we moved from our temporary to permanent housing and we got our stuff. Our house is interesting – tons of big bathtubs (yay!) the tiniest of tiny kitchens (boo!) and a stage/ballroom in the basement (???) but we love it. We also love having our stuff. This was our first post-to-post move, and we got at least a few things right. Getting our own bedding and pillows was at the tippy top of the list. For me, the Keruig came next – I was smart enought to pack some k-cups with it. For Kyle I think it was his video game systems.

I thought I brought a lot of things that I didn’t actually bring. I was sure I packed the cupcake ferris wheel, but apparently I made the adult choice there and sent that to storage. While in the USA, I bought a table cloth to match a gurgle pot I bought at Piazza ( – some of my best stuff comes from here!) but apparently I didn’t pack the gurgle pot. Sad face. I also forgot to bring any of my multiple halloween costumes. I did however manage to bring four shower curtains for what turns out to be only one shower.

Anyways, enough about stuff. Let’s see. We took our first trip outside of Islamabad, to a salt mine about two hours away. It was pretty cool, and it was discovered by Alexander the Great, which I thought was really neat. It is the second biggest salt mine in the world. When I pointed out to Kyle that the biggest salt mine in the world is in Poland, and we could visit that too, he was extremely excited (not).

We also joined an Improv group! Neither Kyle nor I has a ton of Improv experience, but it was fun to meet some new people from other embassies and play some theatre games. Wow that sounds so nerdy. Let me re-phrase. It was ultimately very satisfying to flex our artistic sides again. I am not sure what the group will turn into or how long it will last or even if we will perform anything, but it will be a nice part of our life here.

There is a great yoga class at the embassy, which I’ve been trying to attend regularly. I also switched to a stand-up desk AND I LOVE IT! Everything they say is true – you feel so much better when you aren’t sitting for the majority of your day.

Anyways, not much but there is the update. Kyle wants me to mention how awesome he is: Kyle, you are awesome. Speaking of awesome, I’m about to attempt some margarita cupcakes for Labor Day. I don’t know if you remember but my first baking experience in Nepal was a total failure, so I’m hoping I can improve on that with these cupcakes and at least make something edible and presentable (the Nepal cupcake failure was bad. I ended up throwing the whole pan away because I couldn’t even scrape the cake off.)

Happy Labor Day! We miss everyone at home very much.

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4 thoughts on “Two Month Check-Up

  1. Kevin Patrick

    Thanks for the shout out Katie😄 have your Mom drop by and I will give her another Gurgle Pot to send you! No one should have to live without their Gurgle Pot! I really enjoy reading your blog and hope both of you are enjoying the new post.

    • Katie

      Anytime Kevin! You are so sweet! I love, love, LOVE the gurgle pot and I can’t believe I didn’t bring it. I did however bring many other piazza pieces, I mean, a girl can’t go anywhere without her Nora Flemming cutting board or her green owls. Oh and a ton of Piazza Christmas that I haven’t even pulled out yet!

  2. Islamabad sounds so *civilized*. Great update! Baghdad is like Boy Scout camp/minimum security prison, but with more guns, muscles, tattoos, and beards.

    • Katie

      Haha – guns, muscles, tattoos, and beards – that IS sort of what I imagine boy scout camp is like. Keep fighting the good fight! And by fight I mean, use your diplomacy on ’em!

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